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Welcome to the Animation Patch

Your source for great free animated images!

This is a really cool website that contains loads of stuff for use on forums, blogs and chat rooms.
We currently have a few Blinkies and lots of cool Avatars available for download. Graemlins are in the progress of being made :) The Blinkie Maker is also online and I will be adding much more content very shortly!
Please come and visit us again soon!

Important Notes:
- To download an image right click on it and choose 'Save Picture As' from the pop-up window. You will then be given a choice of where on your computer to save it.
- The images on this site are for your own personal use only. You may not give them to others, redistribute them in any form or use them for any commercial purposes.
- Direct Linking of the images is NOT permitted.
- Please give credit if you use any of these images :)

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